The 2021 Canadian Federal Election is coming up on Monday, September 20th. The Windsor/Essex Community Benefits Coalition is looking to help inform voters on each party’s platform and their local vision for Community Benefits in the region.

This is a non-partisan initiative. The Coalition has reached out to all federal candidates in the Windsor-West, Windsor-Tecumseh, and Essex ridings. Along with sending information regarding Community Benefits, we asked them these three questions:

  • Would you support legislation formalizing Community Benefits around federally-funded infrastructure projects?
  • How can the federal government best support local communities to mitigate the effects of development and amplify positive effects?
  • Do you support a Legacy Fund for the Gordie Howe International Bridge?

We will be publishing each candidate’s responses, as well as a photo, as they are received before the election.

Why Does This Matter?

Through the Investing in Canada Plan, launched in 2016, the Government of Canada committed over $180 billion over 12 years for infrastructure. These projects will have effects, both negative and positive, on the communities and environments in which they are built. Our Members of Parliament have the opportunity to act on a national level to standardize these processes and benefits, as well as advocate for our region. 

The Federal Government has an enormous power to affect the lives of Canadians through robust community engagement around new projects, workforce and social procurement opportunities for under-represented groups, and protecting the environment. 

How You Can Engage:

  • Ask questions:
    When interacting with federal candidates, be sure to ask the important questions for you. You can always reach out directly to candidates through their websites or phone numbers for specific questions.
  • Research:
    Learn more about Community Benefits and examples throughout Canada. Read through each party’s platform and see if they align with your values.
  • Vote:
    On Monday, September 20th: vote! Visit Elections Canada for more information on finding your riding, advanced polls, and accessible voting.