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The Windsor/Essex Community Benefits Coalition (WECBC) is a collaborative volunteer group of individuals and organizations from across the Windsor and Essex County who are advocating for Community Benefit. We are currently seeking applications for our Executive Table and Gordie Howe International Bridge Table until April 29 2019, and General Members at any time.
You can apply here: https://windsoressexcb.ca/membership/

Be Part of a Global Movement:

Over the last fifteen years, Community Benefits Agreements have gained popularity across North America, the UK, and in other countries around the world. Community Benefits bring neighbours to the negotiating table for major infrastructure projects;  maximizing the social and economic impact of a project and ensuring protections against the negative impacts of constructions.

This type of negotiation has worked in other communities, like Toronto, Detroit, and Vancouver. Major infrastructure projects are coming to Windsor. By joining the Coalition, you have an opportunity to advocate for this type of equitable negotiation and community engagement.


Represent Your Neighbourhood:

By joining the Executive Table or the Gordie Howe International Bridge Table, you can represent and advocate for your community. “Impacted communities” can be defined in many ways: geography, end-users, or groups that historically may have been treated differently because of their gender, faith, race, immigrant status, level of education, economic status, or sexual orientation.

Help bridge connections and give a voice to your community on large scale projects. The Coalition will be fighting for Community Benefits for many future infrastructure projects, so even if you join the General Membership, you can stay up-to-date and decide to take part in new projects that impact your neighbourhood or community.


Create Long-Lasting Change:

New infrastructure projects, like the Gordie Howe International Bridge, will last generations. Will their impact effect the community positively for the long-term as well?

Community Benefits Agreements can include hiring and training quotas for local,  underrepresented groups. Bringing new people into well paying, long lasting jobs can support the workers and their families, but also enrich their broader community.  Investments made during Community Benefits Agreements, like in community centres or parks, can also have a long-term effect on a neighbourhood.


A Great Leadership Opportunity:

The Coalition is a collaborative volunteer group. The Executive Table provides direction for the Coalition, including strategy, advocacy, and planning. Gordie Howe International Bridge Table represents the voice of the impacted communities around the new Bridge and pushes for the best deal for the area.
By joining any level of the Coalition, you can grow and share your leadership skills, meet new people from throughout Windsor-Essex, and make a long-lasting change.

Deadline to apply to the Executive Table and Gordie Howe International Bridge Table is April 29, 2019.